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Reinsurance Tech

We fully automate the data flow between MGAs, insurers and reinsurers. Single version of truth data is the core of our technology. Our platform delivers consistent data for all stakeholders, provides daily insights into portfolio performance, instantly generates technical and financial accounts.

  • Data Preparation & Analysis

    Data is the starting point in any reinsurance process. We prepare a complete insurance portfolio data set for modelling and reinsurance underwriting. The data is then checked for accuracy and consistency. Portfolio information updates are performed on a regular basis to maintain the data quality over the years regardless of the structural and personnel changes within your organisation.

  • Actuarial & Risk Modelling

    Setting optimal self-retention and treaty design, pricing benchmarking and natural perils modelling, dynamic financial analysis under Solvency II – these are some of the advanced tools comprised in our overall service offering. We help our clients to understand the underwriting and capital effects of reinsurance.

  • Admin & Reporting

    Reinsurance administration and timely reporting to management are indispensable. They also secure effective communication with reinsurers. We use reinsurance specific administration technology which enables quick and efficient processing of reinsurance accounts, premium and loss bordereaux, claims advices and reinsurance run-off.

  • Advisory & Placement

    The global reinsurance market landscape is very diverse and changes with increased frequency. We help our clients to navigate in this environment providing independent advice. We obtain quotations from various reinsurance markets, and lead negotiations with reinsurers. Selection of reinsurers and assessment of their credibility are also in our tool kit.

Overall Benefits

  • Relief for internal resources
  • Winning more time for underwriting and client service
  • Consistent data set for all stakeholders
  • No additional IT costs
  • International reinsurance expertise and network
  • High standards of data governance and data security
  • Operational stability and scalability
  • Portfolio performance monitoring and audit trail