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Case Study

Risk and Capital

One of our clients is part of a large international insurance group. It provides insurance against natural catastrophes as well as complex reinsurance and intra-group retrocession programmes. All of this is subject to a complex regulatory regime (Solvency II). Our client lacks internal actuarial and risk modelling resources. We have been asked to assess the adequacy of its reinsurance spend at the local level and to provide our professional opinion on the optimal reinsurance structure.

What we do

We use the latest modelling techniques to benchmark our client’s reinsurance costs against its own loss experience and underlying exposure. We analyse both the underwriting and the capital effects of alternative structures and explain the results to enable the client to make the required purchasing decisions.


  • Flexible and affordable access to actuarial and reinsurance expertise
  • State-of-the-art natural perils modelling
  • Independent professional advice