Reinsurance Services Live

Though an insurer may face an infinite number of reinsurance challenges, there is always an underlying defined set of operations. We break down the complexity into its original parts. Look at how we help our clients.

Data is the Key

Our client’s IT systems are not designed for the specifics of reinsurance. Every year, the renewal information is prepared manually resulting in flawed data.


Advice and

A small insurer does not have a reinsurance department. All matters related to reinsurance are handled by the company’s CFO, two underwriters and a technical accountant.


Risk and Capital

One of our clients is part of a large international insurance group. It provides insurance against natural catastrophes as well as complex reinsurance and intra-group retrocession programmes.


Manage and

Our client is a large multinational insurance group with complex reinsurance protection for multiple cedants. The basis of cover and reinsurers rotate often creating a multitude of accounting entries.