The way forward

The insurance and reinsurance industry is buzzing about the need for innovation and differentiation. The challenge for most lies in reshaping traditional collaboration processes, adopting new technology and finding young talent. Our modern services and technology practice, gmbc group, is dedicated to innovation. We approach things in new ways which are designed to create extra economic value. Our team is a unique combination of experienced reinsurance practitioners and enterprising technology professionals.

We want our clients to thrive. Therefore, we aspire to

  • A contemporary approach to consulting, operational and administrative services
  • Answer the global need for more highly skilled reinsurance professionals
  • Make sophisticated reinsurance services accessible and affordable

Our Partners

CoreLogic|EQECAT catastrophe risk models incorporate the latest scientific research, deep engineering knowledge, vast amounts of claims and exposure data, combined with advanced mathematics and statistics to produce a unique view of catastrophe risk.

The Ooliba ERM platform enables easy creation of complex models and swift reporting for any specific business need, meeting all auditability and traceability requirements of Solvency II.

Inveos is an independent software and consulting firm which provides world-class solutions for major companies in Germany and Europe. The company has a deep knowledge of the insurance industry, in-depth IT expertise and over 30 years of experience in the field of reinsurance administration. The "i" in Inveos stands for "ideas, innovations and impetus". In times of complex challenges, Inveos promotes its clients’ interests to the forefront of all its activities.